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About us and what we can do

The Web Squad is made up of a team of professionals that also has links to professional teams who are highly regarded in the online industry.

Take a little bit of your stereotypical SWAT team, a pinch of Arnie, a whole lot of Clint Eastwood in "Unforgiven", a splash of Linda Hamilton from the Terminator films, add the project/production management skills of Albert R. Broccoli (Bond Movies) and you'd probably have a really good movie, but not a great online website.

The Web Squad specialises in the online business sphere. We provide facilities that help enhance your e-business. The facilities include:

Front End

Back End

  • Standards keep you healthy, flexible and wise
  • Work hard, work well and go home happy
  • The tools we deliver
  • Maintain yourself today you'll be better placed tomorrow