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If you don't have an opinion, what do you have?

They say there are many ways to skin a cat. However, what you should really ask is why would you want to skin a cat? I know we build online experiences, how we do that is through internal resources and through associations with a number of partners in development and design. We associate with these people because they do good work and have strong opinions about the work they do.

Below, you will find some of their opinions on how to make an online experience work better so everyone can go home happier at the end of the day.

Brain bomb. How to pull the pin.

The aim of any piece of communication, whether it be writing, speech, film or art, is to stimulate the brain. To create an explosion no matter how small in the grey matter between the ears. If you can achieve this, then your communication will find a hold in the memory of the listener.

Written by Joe Di Stefano, Operations Manger, The WebSquad. Tweak your brain here.

How do web developers think?

Code is all that stuff that users never see, or if they do see it, the sheer incomprehensibility of it is enough to make one's face screw up into a tightly contorted knot. Yet code is the engine that drives the functionality within a site. Should the code just do its job and nothing more? Or is that just the beginning? Who knows?

Paul Cowan, Lead Developer at Wishlist Holdings, knows better than most. And what he has to say about it is surpringly very comprehensible. Read more.

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