What is theWEBSQUAD?

The organisation you work for has standards, the industry that you work in has standards, we're all glad that professions like doctors have standards, especially as they lift up that scalpel and aim it at your heart.

The reason for standards is simple. It ensures that people who work in that organisation, industry or profession understand what is expected of them. More importantly, we understand the benefits of standards. For example the benefit of medical standards is staying alive.

So what has this to do with The WebSquad and your company's website? Everything. The WebSquad is the "doing" part of The Thinking Group. It is there to ensure that all the "thinking" that goes into your company's online presence is brought to life using high standards, and world's best practice. We have strong opinions about the way we work. In association with a number of dedicated professionals, our aim is to breathe vitality, to brand, to communicate efficiently and to keep your online presence alive and relevant to your audience.


Are you driving the latest?

Is it time to see how to adapt to a more mature market?
Then we encourage you to take the time to re-think.

Site Reviews and Site Updates

  • Review Hosting
  • Review Tools
  • Review Content
  • Review Look & Feel
  • Review Customer Experience

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